Thursday, October 9, 2008

Voter Fraud... Is it happening on BOTH Sides?

Amazing, but both sides of the "blogASSphere" are all a-twitter with stories - albeit unverified, for the most part - of VOTER FRAUD (Jaws theme plays in background).

With the Dems, it's the spector of poll-fixing, where the machines take over! Dum-da-da-daaa-DUMMMMM!!!!

With the 'pubs, it's ACORN, the New Jersey Mafia of the Voter Registration Scam, only less competent... but still with the evidence riding around in the trunk.

You can check my experience watching ACORN work here.

I wonder if ANY of it is warrented.

From "Gordon Gekko" on the Thurber's Thoughts blog:

"... When you consider that you can register on line, in person at the BOE, and fill out the registration form enclosed with your tax returns, this seems ripe for just this kind of activity.

At what point does a citizen have a responsibility to seek out and act on their "right to vote"?
If the only way to vote is have an ACORN rep show up at a supermarket (or a Likker Sto') for you to fill out the forms, it doesn't appear to me that you consider your civic duty all that important."

I promise to pursue the truth... at least as far as the next beer. (Oops. Make that Bloody-Mary. I'm on a diet.)

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