Friday, October 10, 2008

Waiting For The Barbarians....

“In our time, the curse is monetary illiteracy, just as inability to read plain print was the curse in earlier centuries.” - Ezra Pound (1885-1972)

Mises meets Poetry.

And they think that it will only be a "recession", but Here's what I said some time ago....

Hope springs eternal.


In fools and wise men alike.

We can't help it....

The Neo-Cons have no idea how they, in the form of the Republican Party, have alienated the populace over the last 8 yrs.

Conservatives haven’t been conservative for a long, long time, and we are going to pay the price.

We are paying it....

Now we are just Waiting For The Barbarians.

Yeah, we all could use a little mercy now
I know we don't deserve it
But we need it anyhow
We hang in the balance
Dangle 'tween hell and hallowed ground
Every single one of us could use some mercy now

- Mary Gauthier "Mercy Now"

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