Monday, October 6, 2008

Coming to grips with the Healthcare Crisis....

As a "Paleo-Conservative", Libertarian oriented American, this has been a tough one to deal with -- but I've done some research, and having recently come to grips with the inadequacies of our health care system, I've also had to come to grab hold of the fact that, in this instance, my economic ideals are trumped by belief in the righteousness of mercy, by logic and by need.

If Jesus healed the sick, should we not at least try to do likewise?

McCain is wrong on healthcare.


If you ask the right questions.

The healthcare lobby, who wrote most of McCain's "health care program", pits the healthy, the young, and the wealthy against the poor in a Class War. And the poor cost us much more money.

Given the current economic facts, many more of us are soon to be poor. Which means that without some kind of national plan, many more of us will very soon be without healthcare.

The economic facts are CLEAR. As a nation, we would save money by enacting a one-payer, national healthcare system.

The Insurance Lobby will not let that happen.

And Obamamania is not much better. He's not in bed with the big business lobby as much as McCrazy, but his party is....

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