Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Palin/Biden Debate....

I've decided to ignore the economy and concentrate on something a little more fun: The Heart-beat Away Debate, or McCain's "Damn. I should have picked Christine Todd Whitman." moment.

Re.: Hard questions for candidates: "Why should a politician/candidate for high office have an easier time of it than a Doctoral candidate during the oral portion of an examination?"

I say "put 'em ALL on the grill", and not just for an hour debate, either. I'm talkin' serious, hard questions asked in front of the American people, complete with instant fact-checking of the answers -- on TV.

But we all know that could never be allowed -- at least by the American people, who would immediately get bored and flip to reruns of American Idol.

On the VP debate, I've changed my mind. No prediction here. I have no idea whether Palin will be able to handle the pressure.

The most important thing is that Gwen Ifill will decide the questions and I believe that very few of them will be what is expected. The questions will be calculated to highlight any unpreparedness of either candidate -- and give them rope to hang with....

I'm a-bettin' that while the candidates are prepping for the debate, Ifill is cribbing up on foreign policy questions. (Who's the Pakistani Assitant Minister of Defense?)

"... If you want to start your watch, it's 49 and a half hours before Gwen Ifill is accused of sexism and bias against moose-hunters."

Of course, Palin's team knows that, and they will try very hard to ready her. She may be a quick study. Or not.

Will be interesting.

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