Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First take on tonight's debate - McCain down in flames....

“My friends”. How many times? Thirty?

McCain missed too many openings. He didn’t listen to Obama’s replies and let too many opportunities pass. He referred to his notes to remember the questions and his talking points, and that looked weak.

Obamamania didn’t turn in a strong performance, but McCain would have done better if he hadn’t shown up.

McCain lost almost every point. He was especially weak on health care.

Of course his plan is written by the HC lobby and designed to effectively take the very chance of coverage away from those who most need it.

He missed the opportunity to really connect the Dems and the Fannie/Freddy debacle.

He had a chance to go for the kill on that and either chose not to, or flat-out wiffed.

No mention of Ayers either, but that may not have been a mistake. That is only flying with his supporters right now.

Only on the Pakistan and the Russia questions did he sound as if he knew what he was talking about.

The Iran waging war on Israel question was idiotic. How long would that last? 5 minutes?

Most importantly, he lost the “look and act” test. Unfortunately that’s what counts for most viewers. It left me wishing I’d listened to it on radio, so I could make-believe it was a tie.

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