Thursday, October 16, 2008

The "Crack" in Joe's Story....

Ok. There's a lot of anger out there from the mostly Neo-Con side of the Conservative blogassphere, and all of it directed at the Liberal-in the tank for Obamamania-media. This is badly misplaced. In fact, it's hilarious, when you give it a little thought.

Anytime a Presidential Campaign decides to use a person as the main focus of their publicity, that person will be vetted by the press. What's amazing about this, is that the vetting wasn't done by the more-and more-amaturish appearing McCain Campaign.

And... any time a Presidential Candidate chooses a running mate, you would have expected that person to have been fully vetted by the campaign. Right? Right.

Of course, any American who is givin the chance, has a full right to ask questions of Senator Obama, including Joe the Plumber.

Update: Now, it turns out that "Joe the Plumber" is related to Charles Keating. Oops. Should we say that again? A big, Palinesque "You Betcha!" Oops.

Update: “Plumber Joe” isn’t a licensed plumber at all? According to AP, he “works for a small plumbing company that does residential work.” He doesn’t need a license “because he works for someone else.”

Also, he won’t be affected by any of Obama’s tax increases on people making over $250K because he doesn’t make that much; he just thinks that, if he ever succeeds in buying the plumbing company where he works, he might make enough to have to pay the taxes. In addition, I assume, to paying the fees for a plumber’s license.

Also, he evidently owes the State of Ohio $1200 in unpaid taxes... AND, he may not even be registered to vote. You'd think McCrazy would have checked, right? Right? Right.

Watch for Faux News to claim he's an Obamamania double-agent plant.

But still:

The difference between two philosophies:

One wants Joe to act like a man, help him and society by encouraging him to pull his own pants up. YEA JOE! Way to go!

The other wants to take Farmer Brown's over-alls and give them to Plumber Joe, so we don't have to stare at his crack. Poor Joe. Boo-hoo.

After all, Farmer Brown has two pairs of over-alls. He can wear his Sunday pair all the time.

And Plumber Joe won't ever have to worry about pulling his own pants up....

The debate:

I was listening, not watching. It makes for a better understanding of what is actually said, and I thought it pretty much a wash except when it came to the Supreme Court question. McCain won this.

Neither one really repeated what the negative ads were saying to the other’s face.

Obama killed McCain on health care. Again.

If I were the moderator, I would have asked three questions:

1- Do either of you support the UN's Small Arms Ban Treaty, and if so, why? (This would really separate the candidates, but might be a little too involved for most of the viewers. Pity.)

2- Do either of you think the Constitution is a "living document", and will you pick "activist" Judges for the SCOTUS, and what is your definition of "activist Judge"?

3- What are the advantages of allowing Health Care companies to set up shop in states with lower regulation, thus lower care; and how does this relate to the McCain health care plan.

I admit the last question is loaded.

Obama's Health Care Plan is better.

BUT, I would rather have McCain picking the SCOTUS Judges. Obama's stand on that scares me. He is going have a "Litmus Test" that excludes many of the most qualified jurors. Obama will pick people who want to MAKE LAW, not determine the Constitutionality of Law.


neal said...
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Anonymous said...

If you think robocalling is bad, I see in this YouTube video that McCain's campaign is outsourcing their calls to India! I guess that's what you have to do when you can't find enough "real Americans" to be your volunteers. This is a pretty hysterical behind-the-scenes look at the McCain campaign through the eyes of Martin Eisenstadt (the guy who 'leaked' that Joe "the Plumber" was linked to Charles Keating):
McCain Outsourcing Robocalls to India