Friday, August 31, 2007

The Great Iraq Swindle...

The NeoCons RAPE the taxpayers again, and again, and again, and again....


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sigh (Ted Nugent), I can't believe I am addressing this....

First of all, I have never met a single "Ted" that didn't come off as either an insane megalomaniac, blooming idiot, sleezeball, or combination of all....


Over a lifetime of idiotic statements (and really, really bad-bad-bad lead guitar), "Mr." Nugent has done more to harm the choices of hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and personal protection promotion than any crazed gunman....

I hold to the theory that he has been taking pay-offs from Handgun Control INC. for years, just to BE the caricature of every gun-toting redneck that every sensible person fears.

Smart move on their part.

Worth every penny.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Early Primaries Rob Our Democracy....

Watch this.

It will cause the Feds to step in and make a National Primary Day.

The greediness of the states will end up costing them their rights....

The bad thing about early primaries, is that they keep all of the early advantage that the big corporation-backed, mainstream candidates have in name recognition and available money intact.

Unfortunately, the big corporations own our two-party system as it is... why make it easier on them?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Americans are a funny bunch....

This is a quote I pulled off of

He runs a good forum.

"The Hermit" said: "We Americans are a funny bunch. We demand good wages, health insurance from employers, clean and safe work environments, and so on, but by golly, we sure won’t pay for products produced under those conditions. They’re just too darned expensive."

Basically, we won't work in a sweat shop, but we don't have a problem buying the stuff.

... And screw them furrenurs, anyway. Oh, it's us gettin' screwed? Well, go-ollee, Andy....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Mr. Sushi", my new Pro Wrassling Character....

I have created the character that is going to make me rich.

As "Mr. Sushi", my shtick will be to throw rotten fish at the other wrasslers and spray soy sauce at the crowd.

My signature trick will be to rub wasabi in my opponent's eyes and then whip him with a live eel.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The current mortgage banking crisis and how it affects you....

As someone who has been involved in the industry of new home building for 20+ years, I am telling you folks right now that you have not seen the worst of the effect of the mortgage crisis.

"We" have been giving loans to people who could not afford to buy homes for about 15 years, now. AND, "we" have been building crap housing for these people. In 5-6 months, maybe sooner, the stock market is going to be about a third to half down!

(Just my prediction, get expert advice before jumping.)

Now, I'm not sure what you should do, but I do believe that those of you who have access to a financial planner that you TRUST, should take advantage of any advice that gives you investment in REAL property without incurring further debt or any extra tax burden.

Consider this a public service announcement.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ahhhh, Meth.

Ahhhh, Meth. What a wonderful thing. Not only does it rot yer teeth and keep you up for three days at a time, it creates the 80’s cocaine culture all over again — only on a poorer, messier, and less intelligent (in the way that it seemingly takes a lot less organization to run a meth “ring”) scale…. Ha, "scale"! Get it?

And, when you combine it with the up-and-down of pot and the occasional crack hit, it turns your ordinary low-life criminal into a paranoid, manic depressive criminal.