Monday, October 27, 2008

For "Serious" Believers in the Future of Independent Politics....

Follow my tortured reasoning here. This is the best time to vote a 3rd party candidate. McCrazy is toast. Viva La Revolucion.

The Future Is At Stake

Here's why you "real" Conservatives should vote for Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate, to register a serious protest vote, and further the cause of Third Party politics in America.

Pulling the lever for McCain will not help the chances of any future for 3rd party politics in America in any way. The larger Obama's margin of victory - and make no mistake, the margin will be huge anyway -, and the more attention his huge monetary advantage gets, the better it will be for the chance of future serious 3rd party candidates.

And here's why:

People need to see that the impending Democratic landslide combines a Congress that will start with enactment of the "The Fairness Doctrine" and soon proceed down the path to a dreaded ratification of some form of "The UN Small Arms Ban" with a President who is going to make Jimmy Carter look like Ron Paul. The future looks good for a one-party Demo overrun of the Three Branches. And this revelation of the imminent threat of total one-party control might be just enough to spur a resurgence of interest in 3rd party candidates, especially on the Conservative side, now that the Neo-Cons seem to firmly control what used to be the Republican Party.

Things have GOT to get worse - and they will, from a freedom standpoint - before we, as either a Nation or a remnant of Independent Anti-Government people, decide to make things better.

So Viva La Revolucion! The sooner the better.

We need to start cultivating the Spirit of Revolution here and now. The best way to legitimately access publicity and the advantages that come with it, is a strong 3rd party showing in a major election. And at this point, "strong" doesn't have to mean more than 2-3 percent.

McCain and Obama BOTH want to take away your freedom through the "Nanny-State".

Remember the Mel Brooks' line "It's good to be the King."?

A lot of people are fine with "spreading the wealth around" -- except if it's their wealth. And remember that the "wealth" concept is subjective. To an extremely poor person, even a lower middle class person is "wealthy".

Well who decides? It's good to be Robin Hood. Not so good being the rob-ee....

Giving "tax refunds" (which are basically bribes - a “tax cut" which is more accurately described as wealth redistribution) to people who don't pay taxes in the first place is Socialism in action.

Promoting Class Warfare through redistribution schemes (which both McCain and Obama are proposing) simply results in costs being passed on down the line, with the rich continuing to get richer, while the poor get poorer faster, and the middle class totally vanishes.

What do you think happens when the tax man shows up at the widget factory and tells the manufacturer that taxes just went up? Exactly. The factory raises the price of widgets and costs work on down the line. This is the REAL "trickle-down" economics.

Tax collections for corporations that take their profits offshore, or transfer profits to private income need to be redesigned totally.

When the government takes revenue generated by taxes and gives it to someone else, be that entity a defense contractor for weapons, a soldier as salary, a builder for a new library, a congressional staffer for research or a non-taxpayer for no reason at all, that is what we used to call spending.

You can call it "Make work pay", or whatever you please, what is really proposed is nothing more than a massive new spending program. Calling it a tax cut is pure BS.

"Hi there, Mr. Mug-ee".

You're gonna find that from your middle-class perspective, with rising costs of everything being passed on to YOU, that while it might be great to be the mugger, mug-eeville is not where it's at!

My worry is that "Yes We Can," an excellent campaign slogan, will continue to morph into "Because We Can," an evil method of governance.

So, even given the fact that Obama may very well try to appoint the entire 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to the SCOTUS, I can't pull the lever for McCain. Both of these men and their programs will be Long-term Bad for America.

Vote a 3rd party ticket, please. Do it for the future of America.

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