Monday, August 4, 2008

McCain going "Negative" early on.....

McCrazy IS using Karl Rove’s company. That’s why he’s going neg so early.

Big mistake. The people who are impressed by these ads are already voting for him. The swing voters he is after will, for the most part, be turned off by this crap.

Obamamania can be stopped by focusing on the issues. Unfortunately McCrazy’s whole approach is unfocused and confused. He is letting Obamamania get away with the warm and fuzzy stuff and not addressing the particulars that will require pointed responses from Obamamania.

We have one candidate who wants to give away a gas tax holiday, and another who wants to give another stimulus/cash advance with nonexistant money.

They are hopeless and we are doomed either way.


buckblog said...

I have to disagree on the negative ads.They work in nearly every campaign They clearly worked here as evidenced by Obama's evaporated lead. People claim to be turned off by they are still influenced by them. Secretly they like them. They just feel the educated thing to say is that they don't.

I also think negative is in the eye of the beholder. I'd agree McCain has to become more focused on what he would do but right now he's got the part of defining the other candidate just right.

Rove won 2 elections. I'd say him and those who learned from him know what they are doing.

jackscrow said...

I think (and I may very well be wrong) that when it comes down to it, the people McCain needs to win will be turned off. City dweller swing votes -- look at the across the board poll results.

In places like Ohio/Pa., he leads in the rural areas by large margins while getting his butt whipped in the cities. And I contend that there will be more undecideds in the cities than in rural areas -- this is taking into account the race factor, even while leaving out places like KY and WVa, where Obama will lose big due to race.

And, the cities will have a larger turnout this time around, while I think the rural areas will stay the same. This makes those city dweller independents so much more important -- and they just aren't swayed by the Rove stuff.