Friday, August 8, 2008

Republican Soiree vs. PBS and Ron White....

Someone was "nice" enough to invite me to the local Republican Soiree and Easter Egg/money hunt featuring John Kasich (Former Congressman and now sometime bloviator for Faux News).

No thanks to the Repub’ din-din and scam session. (And any Demo function, too.)

I’ll be at home watching another PBS program on the raping of the taxpayers by the corrupt US/Iraq Goverments and featuring cash payouts to terrorists, Kellog-Brown & Root and Halliburton and the search for the missing Billions-with-a-B of our/my money.

Oh, and while I’m watching PBS, I’ll be sitting naked in a leather chair, eating Cheetos, a’la Ron (Tater Salad) White.

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