Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cops Lie Under Oath -- Surprise, Surprise....

... and they do it ALL the time.

Re.: NY Bicyclist's Mugging.

"...Clearly, Officer Pogan was in the wrong. Even Commissioner Kelley and Mayor Bloomberg said so.

What is interesting is that so many people who don't think Pogan did anything wrong in brutally attacking the cyclist, also seem to ignore the fact that Pogan blatantly lied in his police report.

Also, everyone is up in arms about cyclists - saying that cyclists deserve what they get because they ALL run red lights and disobey traffic laws.

Think about that statement next time you "cross between, and not at the green" or otherwise jaywalk or go 4 miles per hour over the speed limit or do a 2 mile per hour roll through a stop sign. Do you think in every one of those cases that Officer Pogan would be justified in clocking you in the head so that you fell to the pavement at 15 mph? Without even giving you a warning?...." -- by K9 Patrol

Several times I have been a personal witness to this truth:

Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) lie all the time.

Usually they get away with it. Usually they get the benefit of the doubt from courts, where their unwitnessed testimony on everything from traffic violations to serious felonies is rarely challenged.

In this instance they don't.

Here's hoping that more of them get caught out.

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