Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When Fear Follows....

PBS has "Bush's War". Watch it.


Four-thousand, now. And still going "strong". This "war" has now lasted longer than WWII, and will continue past the time our economy can no longer support it and until the US is part of the NAU. This wrong-headed, stupid invasion that should never have happened still should have been over in two months; and another sign of our despotic, dying Empire is that we don't know the way to "start", fight, finish, or "prosecute a war", be it a "just" one or a criminal enterprise.

If there is ever an opportunity to write a history of the United States of America that extends past the next twenty years it will include these facts:

We could have sealed borders north and south, patrolled them indefinately, provided health care for all US Citizens and solved the Social Security problem for what we will throw into this pit of national despair and pay in interest, economic damage and blood.

When Fear Follows


ProblemWithCaring said...

I was against this war from the start, but I will admit truly wanted to believe Colin Powell and all of the rest of those conArtists when they said that mass destruction was possible, imminent even. I probably secretly wanted that tangible enemy, that assurance that everything would be over - 9/11, privacy concerns, religious tensions, new world orders - after the fall of Baghdad.

More than anything now, I am so angry. I mean, our fears were used against us with such virtuosity (and by us, I mean world citizens, not just Americans) that it almost doesn't seem like our fault.


And that's why I am really angry. Because there is nothing that can or will every alleviate all of our responsibility and complacency in creating this mess.

And what makes that even more fucked up, the less we pay attention now (to troop withdrawals, future policy, etc.) the more responsibility we will have in the future.

Chuck said...

Those are some great lyrics.