Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Bell Tolls the Idiocy of Big Bizness continued....

The Bell continues to toll throughout the bizness werld.

I've noticed lately that it's VPs.

And, it's VPs simply because we have too many of them. We've always had too many of them, be they golf buddies or relatives.

And they don't really do anything. Oh yes, they're supposed to "track" things, yeah... hummmmmm. Must get a Porsche and a cuppa coffee... and say "hummmmmm" a lot (Re.: Office Space). Track things that are already being tracked by subordinates -- cle
rks, and assitants... or track things that don't need tracking, because everybody knows that THEY ARE ALL ****** UP TO BEGIN WITH AND YOU ARE TRACKING ****!

But be ye glad, Oh Yes, Be Ye Glad, Big Business idiocy doesn't stop with eliminating VP positions that shouldn't have be created to begin with.... No, they eliminate the one VP who is actually doing something. All other VPs are free to take golf vaca at will and every Monday and Friday off. Whoopee!

Yes folks, it's still alive in its deadness. Still alive and slowly eating itself.

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