Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hypocrisy 101, Terrelle Pryor and Big-time College sports....

Listening to Bruce Hooley's hypocritical critique of Terrelle Pryor's press conference and answer to Tim May's "image" question, I thought about the forthright answer: Do we really care if he's a good or bad kid?

Pryor replied that "I don't need to fix my image", because "it doesn't really matter if I'm a good or bad kid, you guys are here because I can ball."

At that point (and I really like May's stuff, especially his blacklisted "non-coverage" of Tressel -- and yes, Pryor should have taken the visits to Oregon and Penn St.) Pryor may have been the only honest person in the room.

As long as he's not "gettin' the Goose on" before practice and riding around with guns in the trunk of his JT Chrysler supplied leaser, then he's good to go.

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