Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sick, sick, sick people. Lord help us....

I have been meaning to do this for several years, but for some reason never found the time, outside of five minutes tonight.

Under one of my web-aliases, I checked up on the Stormfront (white supremacist) forum.

Through my years on the web, I've spent a bit of my time ridiculing these guys, but apart from jabbing at their posts on various forums (, the extinct etc...), I really hadn't looked into the mouth of the beast.

Suffice to say, it didn't take any more (less) than the five minutes mentioned above.

These guys are one of the many reasons that God is going to judge this world and its sinners very soon.

I have never been anywhere on the web that more quickly made me both spiritually and physically cringe.

I imagine that these guys, along with pedophiles, are the bottom feeders of the mirror of society that is the www.

The "Springerization" of our modern world that we who still have some (questionable) sense of morals talk about, is the small, small tip of the "sin nature" iceberg.

God forgive us.



Chuck said...

Animals like Stormfront should be taken seriously.

In one possible scenario fascists are able to appeal to bruised "populist" sentiments. As the dollar and wages fall relative to "stable" prices (oil and milk excepted, of course), the public becomes as restless as, say, Weimar Germany? You can take it from there.

Anti-Christ is coming, and he may arise from a populist/fascist ground-swell.

jackscrow said...

It'll be amazing. At first he'll be the friend of every people; a "uniter not divider", and then as things continue to get worse, he'll turn on the Jews.

I've always wondered at what point they'll ban Bibles.