Monday, March 17, 2008

School Income Tax... I told you so.

School officials explain lack of big property tax decrease

The bureaucrats in favor of taxing the working poor made a lot of promises, while those of us who took the time to wade through all the misinformation put out by the BOE continued to have doubts and questions that could not be avoided or answered, although Martin/Bunting, et al. succeeded in confusing enough people to get this abomination passed.

Check out your own total School Income Tax and property tax totals, but we are paying the same amount in property tax plus the additional SIT tax on two salaries. And the extra forms to fill out. Ain't it a joy?

And isn't it strange that the only people who made out on this deal are the commercial/rental property owners? Can a comparison be drawn of the rental property owners and BOE to lobbyists and Congress?

Of course I am sure that they are passing on the savings to the consumers/renters.

Mr. Bunting's favorite quote seems to be " Berkeley's 17th Law": "A great many problems do not have accurate answers, but do have approximate answers, from which sensible decisions can be made."

Well, the quote itself seems like an "out" -- and just the kind of “confuscation” needed to dupe some taxpayers. I wonder which set of books they’ll show the next time they hit us up. They do need to avoid “accurate answers” at all cost when they are costing us money.

They are bringing "relativism" economics down to the farm and losing no sleep over this. From their point of view the taxpayer owes whatever amount of money they can scam us out of.

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