Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mega-Churches - Ref.: Fairfield Christian Church in Lancaster, Ohio.

Someone on the Lancaster Eagle Gazette Forum asked "I wonder what's wrong with all the other churches in town? They just don't do anything according to the LEG. FCC is the ONLY church in town apparently.... "

There is nothing wrong (outside of their normal differences) with all the other churches in town -- the problem is that FCC has stepped outside the Biblical norm for New Testament Churches.

You hardly ever hear of my church in the LEG or elsewhere, but we are a fully developed New Testament Church, with all the (non)requisite programs, ministries, and missions.

BUT... we choose (Biblically, I believe) to not get involved in politics or business.

It is sad that these "mega-churches" cast their Un-Biblical shadow over honest, Evangelical, true to the Word of God Churches. But they do -- simply because of human nature. We gravitate toward the flamboyant, and the public showmanship and the politically connected social networking such "churches" have to offer.

Unfortunately, the public loves the TV preaching, fadist type of Church. I think that it is because it poses no CHALLENGE -- Ministers that can double as car salesmen, that have virtually no education, cannot read Greek or Hebrew - much less write it, are easier to discount. Indeed, the whole thing makes Unbelievers, simply because of the "association", more easily discount the offer of Salvation.

And that's the shame. And pity.

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Richard Saunders said...

I agree with you fully concerning the mega churches. It seems to me that if you offer people something fancy and promote and PR the hell out of it they will buy what your selling. It was funny earlier this year when the whacked out preacher in Denver got caught going to gay prostitutes and firing up some crystal meth with them :) One thing that does scare me however is how much more they are getting involved in politics, however, if you can ruin the economy and family values with government where do those disenchanted souls go... CHURCH! Thanks for letting me comment. God Bless and Beam Me Up Scotty!