Friday, July 6, 2007

If they think the "Fundies" are bad, try a taste of Sharia....

The other day I was discussing "freedom from religion" with my Atheist friend, UND, and he commented:

"Now personally, I don't really care about what religion one is or isn't or how ridiculous that religion is. My concern is how this certitude that comes with deep religious fervor affects our govt and society."

My reply: The threat of Sharia Law concerns me too.

And Bill the Cat said, "Thbbbt!".

Everybody else says "Amen".

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jackscrow said...

Continuing that little discussion:

"YOU may not be threatening me with eternal damnation but your god is."

Well, I'm thinkin' HE can do whatever HE wants to.... and I don't think it is a threat.

I try not to couch it in the terminology you use. I prefer to think of it as an offer of Salvation from a pre-determined fate, resting on the personal choice made possible by a God-given Free Will.

Now I'm sure that you can tear that to pieces, logically, but Faith allows me the privilege of believing that. And you have Faith too.... You believe in your ability to understand the evidence presented to you and you believe that the result is that you can choose to discount God from any effect on your life and any possible personal responsibility that may entail.

As far as theory goes, it's garbage in-garbage out. Depends on what your're looking to prove, I'd guess. Bayes' Theory has been used to calculate odds on the existence of God, the existence of higher intelligence(I'm thinkin' it's not "Brights"), and the 2nd coming (currently at 1000/1 at an English book, but who's gonna pay out? When it happens the world will be chaos and money will show it's true worth - none).

I see evidence for the existence of a Loving, Personal God all around me.

Evidence is weighed by everyone, individually. How you look at evidence may determine your eternal home.

Do I have "proof"? No. I don't need it. And you don't need it, you just think you do.