Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bush Commutes Libby's Sentence....

And, come January 21st, it will be followed by a pardon.

The problem with this commutation, is that most Americans can’t tell the difference between it and a pardon… and, in their eyes, brings the only thing left for Bush, his morals (although, being a Neo-Con, those are obviously negligible), down the the level of the Clinton administration.

And I'm not totaling up pardons per administration here. In my opinion, a public official lying under oath is just as bad (or worse) than a drug dealer or tax cheat (see BC's pardons).

Most people do not believe that the Chief of Staff to the VP has such a bad memory. Most of us believe that he lied under oath and that he should pay the penalty that any other person convicted of that crime should and probably will pay.

The whole situation is simple: Both Neo-Cons and Liberals believe that your Government has a right to lie to you. They just believe in different lies.

Now the Neo-Cons who keep comparing Shrub's Commutaton to BC's pardons really don’t care that a Jury convicted Mr. Libby. As the FarLibs do, they believe solely in their twisted view of justified ends.

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