Saturday, December 13, 2008

Social Security -- The Biggest Ponzi Scheme....

From The Mises Institute:

Wall Street executive Bernard Madoff was recently arrested after admitting to his sons and later, to the FBI, that he was running a gigantic Ponzi scheme -- to the tune of $50 billion. He is now being sued by a number of investors.

Since he voluntarily admitted to the crime, he sets a good example for individuals like Michael Astrue, commissioner of the Social Security Administration.

With a budget of over $600 billion and more than 62,000 workers, the SSA is one of the largest pyramid-Ponzi schemes in existence.

Yet there is one difference: contributions to social security are compulsory, whereas Madoff's firm didn't coerce starry-eyed investors. While neither has the moral high ground, if Mardoff is going down -- to be consistent -- so should the SSA.

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