Monday, December 8, 2008

The Issue is Main-stream Islam's support for Terror....

A great article from Harold Evans at US News and World Report.

I think the most important issue relating to World-wide Islamic Terrorism is the support that Radical Islam gets from "mainstream" Islam -- along with almost NO condemnation of the radical element's plans for exectuting a cycle of terroristic violence that they promise will end only when Islam rules all people.

Mosques all over the world collect money for supposedly peaceful purposes that finds its way into the hands of terrorists. This is documented. It is not even a secret to the Muslims who are encouraged to give by their leaders.

Even in democratic host countries, Imams preach the establishment of Sharia Law and the eventual subjection of non-Muslims into Dhimmi-hood.

No other organized and supposedly mainstream Religion has these world-wide problems. You can't even compare any other religion's hard-line supporters to Islam's.

For those of you who point the finger at "extremists" of ANY religion, that's not the deal here.

Actually, there are so many different sects within major "religion" - especially in "Christianity", and for the sake of labeling, I don't see a lot of these as "Christian" - that even the label of "extreme" is not a good indicator.

For instance, many would think the "Amish Friends" or lighter versions of the same an "extreme", or the Bahai, but you would be hard pressed to find more peaceful people.

And even "Fundamentalism" is a misnomer in this "extreme" usage, as the church of my family (GARBC Baptist) is "Fundamental", but you would be hard pressed again, to find a more peaceful people.

Just because someone believes that the Bible says that you, as an unbeliever, are doomed to Hell, and feels a need to warn you about that danger, doesn't predispose them to violence. And while you might find them smuggling Bibles into China, you won't find them blowing up a cafe' of "unbelievers" -- or bombing someone else's church.

So, again, I think that at some point you have to point the finger, and say "You people are not policing your own. What is your problem?"

That is the question you need to ask mainstream Islam.

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