Friday, September 26, 2008

Chasing Bad Money....

Talk about chasing a bet and throwing bad money after bad....

What caused it, you ask? Well, HERE you go.

The Dems want to add 56 Billion in add-ons to the Bailout, part of which is to "save" the US car industry.

Our whole economy is an empty movie set facade propped up by Monopoly money. We just can't be competitive, can we?

From "Capitalist Pig": You know how you can avoid systemic meltdown? Let the market break up into less centralised centres of organisation and capital as it wants to. The message from the free market is clear - it demands a more decentralised structure that can adapt and is more resilient to the rapid changes of the modern economy, where only parts suffer when a crisis/build up of mistakes hit and the whole system is never in threat. The idea of “Too big to fail” (bailouts and more regulations that concetrate power) would be turned into “Too big not to fail”, if we were really to heed the message of Mr Market.

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