Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin is getting to the Left....

I thought that most people have already made up their minds, but the Left's over-reactionary sexest condemnation of Palin may actually cost them votes....

“Ms.” Cintra Wilson wrote a piece in Salon Magazine that is the so sexist and misogynistic that I choose to not link it.

But, I feel the need to mention it as the most despicable piece of political clap-trap and pseudo-psychological bullshit that I have ever read.

She makes Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin look "reasonable".

She wins the "worst-human-being award". And I think she has a good chance to hold onto it for awhile....

Here's an excellent fisking of Wilson's attack from Neo-Neocon.

Here's a link to Michelle Malkin's blog entries on the Charlie Gibson "interview".

Regarding Wilson, one poster said:
"... Why is it I get the feeling little Trig Palin, not "feminism," is really at the heart of this rant? After all, Palin has managed to "have it all" and STILL have a "special needs" child instead of making the "politically correct" decision of having an abortion."

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