Monday, July 21, 2008

NPR - Bad Poster Children choice....

Well here's the link.... They are trying to make their points, but the poster children they have chosen are... uhhhhh... well... see for yourself. And here's my reply. Not that they are going to acknowledge it.

If you had picked a couple starving people, or at least left off the photos, your story would have had more bite.

I realize that they may not have “healthy” diets and probably eat too much starchy carbs (A lot of it while watching Springer, I’m a-guessin’.), but they sure don’t make good poster children for what you are trying to accomplish.

Now it is true that I do not know these particular people, but I’m bettin’ that if you picked them up and drove them to work or school they would still drop out of both. Time and again.

I don’t have the answer of how to do it, but you have to change this culture of dependency.

Times will get tougher before they get better, and those of us who now unwillingly pay the freight for these people will not be able to carry the extra weight much longer. Of course we have no choice right now; the government forces us to provide for them.

The upshot of this comment is that you need to provide better examples and that sooner or later circumstances will be such that even Almighty Big Brother will not be able to care for either the deserving needy or the undeserving freeloaders.

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