Friday, July 11, 2008

Higher Powers and Mixed Martial Arts fighting....

Can you tell where the local newspaper notice leaves off and my imagination begins? I thinks you can.

Saturday’s Higher Power Mixed Martial Arts' event “Fight Night” has been canceled.

The event will be rescheduled, but no makeup date has been announced yet. For more information call 740-777-3670.

Cancellation was due to a Trademark infringement suit filed in Heavenly Municipal Court by Alcoholics Anonymous.

Saint Peter's representative, The Crabby Fat Guy, will be hearing the case during Happy Hour at Leo's Bier Haus on East Main Street in Lancaster.

Higher Power MMA has filed counter-suit against AA on basis of Religious Discrimination. They claim that their Higher Power can beat the snot out of AA's Higher Power.

Otis Campbell, spokesman for AA, referred to the counter-suit by claiming that it wouldn't be a fair fight, as "they have just one Higher Power, while we have many.", and offered to "meet them (Higher Power MMA) in a cage match at the nearest Pentecostal Church."

More forthcoming.

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