Wednesday, April 9, 2008

'pubs, Dems and Paulites....

Shame that the very ‘pubs who make fun of the Paulites supposedly “limited understanding of foreign policy”, also ignore the economic realities that the RPs are concerned with. As do the Dems.

We are economically screwed past the point of no return. ‘pubs and Dems have combined to ignore sanity for so long -- National debt-wise, Bush makes Reagan look like a piker -- that our economy is being threatened by the “National Security needs" of a war WE started.

And NeoCons have signed on to a program that chooses war in lieu of Nat.Healthcare. It's like the Dems and 'pubs are having a dialog over which way to go bankrupt. Instead of the slow death of Big Gov., we've juiced up the speed of our demise by dumping our debt down the well of Iraq.

Flash: we've BEEN bankrupt. The call just hasn't been made yet.

Iraq is Bush’s version of Public Education: if you throw enough money at it, eventually… what? The infection feeds on money.

How much do we owe? How much of that is owed to other nations?

What happens when the debt gets called?

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