Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the near future....

(Addendum: The economy will suffer such a slide, with the staples of gas and food going up, that there will be a huge backlash among the common people, resulting in the Liberal Elite riding into power on the Obamamania ticket.

The "Hope" that he promises will be followed with continued failure of the economy and the crippling of National Defense. Not that the 'pubs would do any better.)

There will be a National ID Card within three years - probably brought about and allowed through reaction to a great catastrophic event.

Many food staples will become more expensive than a gallon of gas (which will soon be way over $5/gallon), and thus unaffordable to the average citizen.

Individual state unemployment systems will go broke publically (they already are, they are just going to admit it), and shortly thereafter Social Security and other state administered retirement systems will stop payouts.

There will be a major economic meltdown. Government will try to establish control over the economy. Many necessary products will be effectively Nationalized and still be unavailable. Unemployment will be close to 30%, in spite of a National jobs/registration program where many will work in trade for sustainables (Will work for food).

The dollar will devalue to the point that the currency will be replaced with a North American Currency that will tie Canada, Mexico and the U.S. together economically. This won't last long with an almost direct jump to some sort of chip implant in lieu of ID and currency.

Then it will get bad....


Chuck said...

I fully expect everything you say here to come to pass. Such would have been inconceivable 35 years ago; but the "Reagan revolution," a thinly disguised movement of left-neocon global aspirations, made each element you named fashionable for "conservative" Middle Americans. Who knew? Off we go...

That's all the bad news. The Good News remains, and its culmination hastens toward us.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I have felt this coming for a long time.
I think that this will be the mark of the Devil as told in Revealations.