Tuesday, April 8, 2008

McCrazy's VP pick....

Gonna take off my Libertarian, Paleo-Conservative hat and put on a 'pub one fer a minute.

The McCrazy VP pick, way I see it:

Kasich would have been the pick, if it weren't for the Faux "News?" entanglements.

Condi has been overshadowed and way too indecisive.

Romney is sure defeat. I've never seen a candidate with a higher "dislike quotient". You'd get the CEO vote and no one else.

Haley Barbour also falls into that catagory. He looks like every southern fried politician/car salesman with a little Boss Hogg thrown in.

Colin Powell? Won't happen. Too old anyway.

The Minnesota Gov., Pawlenty? Why pick a guy from a state that will go Dem?

Texas Gov., Perry? Ehhhhhh, no. Texas.

My pick: Kinky Fried-man. Funny is way underrated as a VP plus and vote puller. And the only Texan anybody will vote for....

Cerealously, the best pick for the 'pubs would probably be Charlie Crist, if he could somehow get rid of that fake-looking Florida tan. If he can't, mebbe they can buy him some dyed hair extensions and pass him off as female and black?

(This was posted after I re-read the post before this, which just proves the point -- to my shame.)

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