Thursday, April 3, 2008

Competition and Loyalty in the Bizness Werld....

A "for whom the bell tolls" note:

Our company lost our best salesperson today, along with his assistant.

This was after the latest round of salary cuts. They cut his salary for the third time and he picked up the phone, called our big competition and got a no-cut contract, including his assitant. They took his phone and computer and are planning on keeping him in an empty office for two weeks while they try to salvage the accounts, but I don't think that is happening.

They really think he won't be able to take his accounts. Right.

In these days of competitive pricing the only thing that swings the deal is loyalty and a comfort level.

You know, it's funny how it's OK to poach from other companies, yet when it's done to you it seems SO wrong....

News flash: it ain't.

And loyalty goes both ways.

On an addtionally sober note, my job is no longer safe. It is true that while I am the only person capable of doing my job at my company, and so far have been exempt from any cuts, if they replaced my duties and divided them up, they might get by for a while, until the mistakes begin piling up and the stuff I do that I never told anyone how to do doesn't get done.

Note to self: Next time get compete Cobra coverage for 6 months in my contract. That would have been smart.

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