Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Investment Advice -- and The Good Part....

From Iowahawk:

Buy: Sterno Inc, Guns R Us, Amalgamated Firewood
Sell: Apple (electronics), apples (the fruit), Jerusalem real estate

From Mr. Shirt:

"One good thing, It is a great moment in history that an African American can be elected President with 52% of the vote. And the the fact that at least 90% of the other 48% voted based on issues rather than superficial characteristics, like skin complexion.

I’m more comfortable with the deal, because the Dems did not achieve the 60% of congressional control that would have made for a very scary 2 years minimum. As of today, my biggest future fear is we are only one psycho-nut-job-racist away from hearing the words “President Biden.”"

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