Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Final Passage -- Bruce "Utah" Phillips....

Bruce "Utah" Phillips

Final Passage by Linda E. Cable

This last painful journey

is all so wide and green,
a maze of sharp stalks,
the persistent echo of ravens
crying out so many names.

Cooler, softer meadows
once promised to me
lay beyond the razor cut
of all the lies grown ripe,
and crushed along my path.

I have reached the hard pack
of my travels through this
final field of remedies,
stumbling breathless,
striving toward the clover.

Soon I will lay bloody cheeks
upon the healing dew,
crown my head with feverfew,
crush lavender in my palms
and offer myself to the sun.

"Bruce Utah Phillips died at home, in bed, in his sleep, next to his wife."

What a way to go....

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