Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Vote for President....

Since Ron Paul is drawing down his effort, I've finally made a choice, and of course it will be a write-in.

I'll be voting for Fred Eaglesmith for President of the United States.

I believe he's already President of Canada and rumor has it he works cheap.

True, he'll be taking a lot of vacation days, just like 43, but he'll be busy making good music.

He'll solve our commuter problem too. I hope everybody likes trains.

Willie P. Bennett reprising the role of the tough as nails VP with the bad tikker.

I can see the bumper stickers now:

"Vote for Fred, but not that one...", or

"I shot your dog, I thought he was a terrorist."


Jimmy W said...

Willie Nelson in case fred can't make it!

jackscrow said...

I posted this on the 13th and Willie died on the 15th.

Sad, sad, sad....

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your Blog,

It's sad. I don't have any faith in what remains to choose from.

Hell, Paris Hilton couldn't do much more damage to this country than what's already been done over the decades.

I'll keep exploring your Blog. Like it so far.

Take care,