Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A few thoughts on Bill "Willie" Cunningham and his McCain Intro "speech"....

If you are not familiar with this, then it won't make sense; but here are a few notes I took while listening to Cinci radio this morning on the drive into work.

Was McCain introduced as John "Sidney" McCain?

I can just see Willie jumping up and down shouting "Hooray for John Sidney McCain".

Who thinks a middle name makes the man? It sure don't -- I gotta cool one.

This is ridiculous. There are plenty of important issues connected to Obamamania that scare me -- his "Spiritual Leader", his Church, his socialist plans and connections; but his middle name does not.

And as usual, the only thing that impresses me about Cunningham is his ability to still spout racist and xenophobic crap with foot firmly inserted in mouth.

Lord help us if the "base" of the party is Willie Cunningham.

No wonder we don't do well outside "our" white-bread demographic.

How did Willie the Mouth get on that stage, anyway? We got no black 'pubs anybody respects anymore? Yeah, that's the guy I want talkin' to America for me.

I heard The Mouth of Cinci on Jim Scott this morning and the exact quote was "well, they (the Media) call Bush, Cheney, etc... everything but a WHITE MAN...".

There was a little skip of silence and and I swear I almost heard Jim Scott choke. I wonder if he didn't throw up a little in his mouth.

I'm thinkin' 700 doesn’t put THAT in a podcast or transcript. I'm a-bettin' they LOSE that one.

What an idiot. If the 'pubs lose, a part of it may be that the general public thinks that all conservatives are like that (word removed after some thought - use your own).

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jackscrow said...

I added this from a reply I got on another blog, together with my follow-up.


I honestly don't know if the "they" Bill Cunningham was referring to is the media or the elected Democrats, but I do know that George Bush is ROUTINELY castigated for lying to get us into Iraq, by both of them. He's denounced as a traitor, and a murderer all the time. The way he has been treated--and the lies that have been told about him--is horrible. So honestly, I don't know what the big deal is about "everything but a white man." They HAVE called him everything but a white man. Hell, they've called him a murderer. That, at least, used to be worse than a "white man." These days, I'm not so sure.



Come on. All that "must" make it right.

Way to avoid it.

Must be the lawyer coming through. Call him a lawyer, then.

Then call him a liar. Call him a murderer. Most Presidents have been both. Many, all three.

NBS, you absolutely have to know that it was a racist comment.

How about "everything but a black man", or "everything but a red man", or "everything but a yellow man."

Your justification, in both reason and intent, is ridiculous.

Presidents sign up for that; the liar and murderer crap.

They make the decisions; justifiable wars or not, crisis and disinformation of all kind throughout history, and they are still gonna get called names by the other side(s).

That has NOTHING to do with racist remarks.

And you are a smart guy. You know it.