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America: Where we've been and where we're going....

This is a article from Chuck, at Rublev's Dog blog. I thought it interesting enough to re-post despite it's length.

I actually thought it a little too optimistic.

Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis: voca me cum benedictis. --Thomas of Celano

“A moral stream cannot rise above its source.” -- R. A. Huebner

This is mostly speculative fun. But, as former Marshall University football coach Sonny Randle once said, “I believe it with every fiber of my body…”

The anti-traditionalist, mostly Gnostic, industrialist North, driven by an abstract vision of a greater American nation-state, defeats the traditionalist, mostly Christian, agrarian South. The former representative republic of sovereign states gives way to a unitary, “democratic” (in theory) mercantilist state. In other words, Big Government gets in bed with Big Business.

With the South subdued via “Reconstruction” and the Plains Indians slaughtered, corporatist America outgrows its borders and seeks new frontiers for conquest. “T.R.” leads the Rough Riders into the Spanish-American War. Empire-building begins; America switches from a mercantilist state to a multinationalist “bully.”

President Woodrow Wilson gets a major messiah-complex, deciding America will enforce the abstraction of ‘democracy’ upon whomever it wills. The Yanks jump in on the wrong side of World War I, assisting the French in completing their democratic Revolution, defeating the last bastion of Christian civilization, inadvertently opening the flood-gates for atheistic Marxist ideology (which poisons our educational system), and sowing the seeds for a Nazi-Soviet backlash. The League of Nations is formed – the first small step toward eradicating American sovereignty.

The American capitalist economy booms as everyone “keeps cool with Cal.” President Coolidge says, “After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world.” You don’t know the half of it, Mr. President.

Alarmed over unrestrained industrialism and moral decadence, twelve Southern intellectuals at Vanderbilt University publish the manifesto I’ll Take My Stand, calling America back to a simpler, agrarian lifestyle. Their views are chided as purely romantic fantasy and flicked away like a gnat. America plunges into the Great Depression; later, FDR launches the “New Deal,” growing governmental bureaucracy exponentially and giving Americans the delusion that Big Government is their savior.

“Give ‘em hell” Harry Truman drops atomic bombs on Japan. Never mind that Japanese representatives could have been invited to Alamogordo to witness the Trinity test; it was more expedient to test “bomb blast effects” (Col. Paul Tibbett’s’ words) around Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Suddenly, the Great Abstraction has deadly new weapons in its arsenal. But the Ruskies get nukes, too…

1950’s Cold War.
The U.S. and the Soviets fight low intensity proxy wars in Asia and South America. At the Nevada Test Site, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Atomic Energy Commission conduct Camp Desert Rock tests. American soldiers engage in maneuvers with tactical nuclear weapons. An “atomic cannon” successfully fires a 10 kiloton round. The concept of a “nuclear battlefield” begins to take shape. Meanwhile, President Eisenhower – quoting John Kenneth Galbraith – warns the nation of a growing “military-industrial complex” (remember, Big Government and Big Business have been in bed together since 1865….). In 1953, the CIA launches “Operation Ajax” in Iran, beginning decades of Yankee interference in the Middle East to secure access to oil for Yankee multinational corporations.

JFK (mastermind of the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco) is assassinated in Dallas. A vast majority of the American public believes it was a government conspiracy. Government credibility begins to crack.

1965 (- 1974)
History repeats itself. Like Honest Abe’s orchestrated provocation at Fort Sumter a century earlier, the Johnson Administration invents the Gulf of Tonkin incident as a pretext for plunging into the quagmire known as Vietnam. The mighty U.S. military-industrial complex finds itself ill-prepared and unable to win what military analyst William S. Lind would later call “Fourth Generation Warfare.” Nixon resigns. Government credibility is now in a tail-spin…

Zbigniew Brzezinski writes that multinational corporations innovate and advance much faster and more efficiently than nation-states. He predicts the end of states and the growth of global corporations. Intrigued, internationalist banker David Rockefeller takes Brzezinski under wing and forms the Trilateral Commission.

Film director Norman Jewison releases the futuristic motion picture Rollerball. Frighteningly prescient, the story is set in 2018 in a world where nation-states have ceased to exist; society is ordered and controlled by huge, multinational corporations (Big Business has succeeded Big Government). Individual privacy and real freedom are gone; the corporations use surveillance and destroy historical records. To keep the masses satisfied, the companies entertain them with violent sports and technological gadgets. Sound familiar?

James Earl Carter sworn in as President of the U.S. – the first member of the Trilateral Commission to become America’s chief executive.

Under the Reagan Administration, neo-conservatives (i.e., former Socialists and liberals who have “seen the light” of global capitalism) ascend to bureaucratic power in the U.S. government. Unlike old-school conservatives, Neocons are pragmatists who don’t give a rat’s about morality or tradition. But they deceive most Republicans and Southern conservatives. Their goal is the build-up of invincible U.S. military power and the establishment of American hegemony in the world. Confidence in the government is restored somewhat.

At a then-girlfriend’s high school commencement, the valedictory address is entitled, “Becoming a Good Citizen of the World.” I realize that Marxist pragmatism in American education has come to fruition. I get sick on my stomach…

President George the Elder announces the “New World Order.” Among its goals (though not stated to the public) is the eradication of national sovereignty and boundaries and the opening up of world trade. [William S. Lind, et. al. write “The Changing Face of War: Into the Fourth Generation.” This paper describes how nation-states lose the monopoly on warfare and their inadequacy at defeating non-state actors that employ guerilla tactics and terrorism.]

The U.S. military wipes out Saddam Hussein’s army in Desert Storm. Public confidence in the invincibility of our forces is restored. The Soviet Union collapses; the Neocon dream of the U.S. being the world’s police officer races toward reality. [Martin van Creveld publishes The Transformation of War, describing how a super-power state loses to an ostensibly weaker, non-state foe.]

1992 - 1999
With William Jefferson Clinton in the White House, Eugene Genovese’s prophecy of American “amoral affluence” is fulfilled. The markets boom, Americans get rich quick, and the President sets the tone by committing adultery and lying about it. A generation of degenerate Americans believes sex outside of wedlock now has virtual public sanction. “Political correctness” kicks cultural Marxism into high gear. Generations X and Y are clueless to American or world history. Confidence in the U.S. government to change the world for the better is never higher. [Meanwhile, the U.S. military suffers humiliating setbacks to pitifully primitive militants in Somalia and Islamic terrorists elsewhere. Lind’s and van Creveld’s prophecies begin to take shape.] Neocon Rush Limbaugh screams that private industry (read: multinational corporations) can do everything better and more efficiently than the Federal government. This mantra is taken up by local radio talk show hosts all over the country.

Fed up with decades of American exploitation and decadence, Fourth Generation Warfare comes ashore to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The nation clamors for protection from terrorism. Predictably (and according to al Qaeda’s master plan) George the Younger pushes through the Patriot Act, ESCHELON, the Office Homeland Security and other un-Constitutional acts that restrict the liberties of law-abiding Americans. MEANWHILE, the borders remain porous. Millions of illegal immigrants pour into America, setting the stage for the eventual eradication of the sovereign United States and the establishment of the North American Union (swallowing up Canada and Mexico).

William Lind is interviewed on radio about Fourth Generation Warfare. Asked to speculate about the near future, Lind points out that 1) private protection agencies will supersede state military establishments; 2) that the world is aligning for a confrontation between “Brave New World” (the technological West) and the Fourth Generation (Islamic terrorists and similar primitive actors) and 3) whatever happens as a result “is in God’s hands.” THAT is the understatement of the new century…

The Future:

The U.S. military proves increasingly ineffective against Fourth Generation opponents. Public confidence in the government’s ability to protect the populace hits an all-time low.

Big Business finally gets fed up with Big Government’s inherent inefficiency and kicks it out of bed (besides, if we learned nothing else from the JFK assassination, you can't trust the government!).

The Great Abstraction become an even greater abstraction: the U.S., Canada and Mexico dissolve their national (and cultural) boundaries and form the North American Union.

The U.S. Constitution is tossed aside as an impertinent relic of ancient history (a history to which nearly every public-schooled American is thoroughly ignorant). But the citizens (consumers) don’t care – they feel perfectly secure and have enough iPods, satellite TV and sporting events to keep them amused for eternity.

A global economy is established between North America, Europe and China. Just like ol’ Zbig and Rush had earlier prophesied, private protection agencies advance faster, cheaper and more efficiently than the outdated U.S. Department of Defense. Dealing with Middle Eastern terrorism – which threatens the world’s precious oil supply – is handed over to a top corporation unrestricted by petty political laws and treaties.

The leader of this protection corporation, armed to the hilt with tactical nuclear weapons, has no qualms about turning every Arab capitol into a pile of charcoal. His corporation opens up “Carnival Crusades,” protecting tourism to the shrines of the Holy Land. He incinerates enough Arabs to make his point, and they drop to their knees. The world rejoices that somebody has finally solved the Arab problem. World trade booms;

however, the earth is rocked by earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geophysical calamities. Millions outside the global economy starve to death. Scientists blame it on continued global warming.

This corporate leader moves his headquarters to Jerusalem and allows the Jews to rebuild their Temple. Later, he enters the Temple to the shouts of “hosanna!” and declares himself to be Caesar Maximus, Conqueror of the Muslims, Defeater of Terrorism, Protector of Israel and the Holy Land, Savior of the World.

China realizes it is about to be cut off from its oil supply and launches a massive military invasion. The Battle of Armageddon is about to commence.

The Lord Jesus Christ descends from heaven and destroys the Anti-Christ and his allies. He judges the nations of the world based on their treatment of his “brethren” – those who remained faithful to Him, refusing to give themselves over to the corporate world’s moral and materialist decadence.

The Messiah establishes His kingdom -- a monarchy, by the way. The earth is restored to a peaceful, agrarian paradise (Isaiah 65).


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