Monday, May 14, 2007

Gas Pricing and Supply.

I often hear the comment that "in order to reduce gas prices, the demand for gas must be reduced."

There seems to be a disconnect between gas prices and actual demand. Most "experts" say rising prices are more a result of the instability of the market and the doubts about the economic future than an actual demand problem. In fact, if use was outstripping supply, wouldn't we see stations limiting the amount of gas, or shutting down because they can't obtain supply?

Any capitalist will tell you it is the free market place in action, namely supply and demand, and that the fact that supply rests in a very few hands world wide has NOTHING to do with price.

Bull. Crap.

Again and again, why do we see ALL the stations have the same price if this is a competitive market?

Because it isn't a competitive market. It is collusion on the biggest scale imaginable. It's a scale so big that there are no borders involved and the US government really has NO say and almost no effect on this market.

Oil drives the world economy and everybody is afraid to ---- with it.

There are countries (Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, a couple of them.) that prop up the cost by Government subsidies. Heck, we been doin' the same thing with sugar and corn for a loooonng time. Can't blame it on them.

There was a lot of complaining about big oil from the Democrats when they were not in power. There were gonna be investigations all over the place. Well, it's pretty plain that big business in general and big oil in particular owns BOTH parties.

So as usual, violence IS the solution.

I'm for assassinating one Oil Executive per 10cent increase and an additional one every month until gas is under $2gallon.

Unless I can get in trouble for proposing this. Then I'm agin it.

A tea party needs to be thrown, but I'm afraid it is too late.

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