Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Disappointed & Pissed...

Issues 2 & 3 are examples of the majority of voters not doing ANY research at all, passing two amendments written by the very owners of the interests those amendments purport to control.

Frighteningly, it may be a sign that most voters can't do the research, and even when things are spelled out to them, they either can't understand, or more likely, are ignorant through wilful stupidity.

It looks like they just gave their rights away (Issue 2 - a board now makes their decisions for them), followed by their wallet (Issue 3 - they sold something for less than a 10th of its market value).

The state just lost 450,000 million in license fees, and the farmers just took the right of the rest of us to vote on our food away.

Ignorance begets dangerous decisions.

Now the only way you can change it is through another public vote, either to amend the amendment or repeal it, which will cost the Taxpayer even more money -- on top of what they lost in the deal.

Now, we'll still have to deal with the Humane Society, as Issue 2 does nothing to stop that. And I think the average voter lost what control they have over the quality of our general food supply.

The only thing Issue 2 did was place the farmer under even more control from Big-Ag.

In the end, the farmers will find out they hurt their own pocket-book; and the real result will be that this board will be against everything from organic, free-range farming to Truth in Labelling. Big-Ag and the "Harm" Bureau don't want us to know where food comes from, how livestock are fed, and how many steroids and antibiotics are in the livestock they market.

More importantly, they don't want the voters to have a say about what types of farming and farm pollution will be allowed to expand in Ohio. This lack of voter power will really hurt all of us down the road.

It's disgusting how much trust the public puts in TV ads.

Corruption loves an uninformed populace.

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