Monday, May 18, 2009

"Click It Or Ticket" -- Wave bye-bye to your 4th Amendment....

It is amazing how many people who proclaim their support for the 2nd Amendment tend to not read any further.

Evidently the right of the many to own guns is higher on their list than the right of the many to be safe from unlawful search and seizure. They don't realize that the continual encroachment on their 4th Amendment rights will eventually result in their right of the 2nd vanishing, along with their privacy and any pretense of freedom.

That is evidenced in the well-documented abuses of "probable cause" by our LEO community.

All for our protection, of course.

So here we come to "Click It Or Ticket", the latest waste of taxpayer dollars and supposed revenue generator forced on the states by the Fed: Millions of taxpayer dollars spent to collect (hopefully) even more millions in revenues.

Yessiree folks, it's highway robbery by our "finest" -- and at its finest.

I am going to start with an issue that concerns me: personal liberty. And here is one that may surprise all you ACLU-card-carrying supporters of personal freedom: The Dems are for letting law enforcement pull over citizens JUST because the officer THINKS THEY MAY not be using their seat belt.

Look at states where they have a majority Dem representation, and most of them have given police the right to use just the suspicion of no seat belts as probable cause to pull a driver over.

Right now, 26 out of 50 states list seat belt violations as a "primary enforcement", which means that an LEO just has to suspect that you don't have your seat belt on to light you up. Out of those 26 states, 20 have the State Senate controlled by Dems.

This is just another step in the progression from Freedom (with a framework of not harming others), to Nanny State, and on to the goal of a Totalitarian State.

But now, with the "Click It Or Ticket" revenue program, the Feds are helping your local police violate even more of your civil rights than normal.

Do you know how hard it is to determine if someone has their seat belt on when they are passing you at 65mph?

, if you are pulled over for anything else, DON'T take your seat belt off before you are staring him in the eye -- the LEO is trained to accuse you of not wearing your belt, and he has no proof that you were not. And here's a little secret that they don't want you to know: they are counting on you not taking it to court. I have had one say to me "I know you weren't wearing your belt", when I was -- he backed down after I looked him in the eye and said "Yes, I was. I do every time I drive... and, I'll swear to it in court."

Now why, when all supposed "liberal" causes (see ACLU, etc...) state that they protect individual rights, would the Dems be overwhelming in their support of this? It just gives LEOs another tool in their endless list of fake "probable causes".

I drive over 500 miles a week, and never leave my driveway without my belt on. My opposition to this is purely based on Civil Rights. It is another non-Constitutional intervention by the State, and should not be tolerated by citizens.

Ohio Revised Code 4513.263(D) Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, no law enforcement officer shall cause an operator of an automobile being operated on any street or highway to stop the automobile for the sole purpose of determining whether a violation of division (B) of this section has been or is being committed or for the sole purpose of issuing a ticket, citation, or summons for a violation of that nature or causing the arrest of or commencing a prosecution of a person for a violation of that nature, and no law enforcement officer shall view the interior or visually inspect any automobile being operated on any street or highway for the sole purpose of determining whether a violation of that nature has been or is being committed.

Well, we're heading toward the totalitarian extreme really fast. And it'll end up being an extreme that puts any free-thinking person in a camp. For the "good of society", of course.

And the idea of "funding" public services from fines just lends itself to abuse of civil rights. Funny, but you'd think that the ACLU would be in there somewhere, biting and scratching. Uhhhh, nope.

All these little blurrings of Constitutional rights add up. Pretty soon they'll be stopping you on the road at checkpoints. Oh wait, that already happens. Doesn't that word "Checkpoint" have such a wonderful East German flair? Next they'll be taking your homes to build high revenue districts. Oh wait... that's already happening.

And we laugh our little self-conscious laughs and roll our eyes and adopt the PC, coweringly abject, subservient roll-over, show our bellies and hope that they don't think so badly of us that we are labeled anti-public safety child abusers as we say in a tiny, tiny voice "Wait, isn't that un-Constitutional? Oh, I'm sorry, I know... if we aren't "guilty", we have nothing to fear."

Woohoo. All for the "greater good".

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