Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Specter lies, and fools are surprised....

UPDATE: "Arlen Specter" may now be the definition of idiot.

After he told everyone he would retain his "seniority", it seems the only "seniority" A.S. (as he is now known by da 'pubs) will retain is his ever-more-frequent "senior moments".

You know, why are we continually and repeatedly surprised when a politician lies?

Why do we get all offended but never seem to get even?

Just vote the liar out. Even if he has “The One’s” support. Or better yet, just burn the whole damn thing down. That option gets my vote!

“Politicians lie, fools ‘re surprised”; they take us for fools, time-and-again, and we never disappoint ‘em.

If you think taxes and government intrusion in our lives are bad now, just wait until one party has more than a 60/40 split advantage.

It's and oldie but goodie, but I wish we could connect shock collars to lie detectors and put them put them on Politicians.

I wish there was a mechanism in place to expedite impeachment....

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terri said...

Specter may lie, but he was blatantly honest about his switch...which surprised me because it's so telling of his character.

He basically told the world he switched for his own self-interest in being re-elected.

Wow. As if that's a good, noble reason.