Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Six Degrees and the NSA....

Six Degrees and the NSA

Everybody knows someone who, etc....

With me it's a guy I used to be in a band with who is the cousin of a guy who spent 7 years in fed. pen for keeping books for that east coast biker gang, the Pagans.

The cousin knew a guy in Jersey who supplied pot to the guy in Connecticut who also worked for the Pagans and ran most of the ho's on the east coast.

The guy who ran the ho's knew a guy in Detroit who the Pagans used when they needed "some guy from out of town”.

The guy in D-town knew another guy who was “in” with a Canadian who smuggled Afghan smack that came thru LA on a freighter from Thailand.

The Canadian knew a guy from Cleveland who went to college in Buffalo with my girlfriend.

My girlfriend and I saw a John Prine concert not too long ago.

Everybody knows George Bush thinks John Prine is Un-American.

Yeah, that’s eight degrees counting the girlfriend.

Nine, if you count John Prine.

Don’t worry.The NSA will keep track.

The only thing about this little note that gives anybody any hope at all is that I won’t have access to computers at “The Camp”.

There's a difference - some may not think so - between our government (military or civilian) operating in our "best interest" beyond our borders during either peace or war and the government spying on its own citizens within our borders and without probable cause.Ooooh, and here I'm gonna get some flack: It's about as Constitutional as "sobriety checkpoints".Several similarities. Funny how the same people who hate one can put up with the other.

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