Friday, May 16, 2008

The peasants -- they just gotta work harder....

I read this on Crunchy Con. It was a good enough explanation of where I am that I reposted it.

Credit: anglican (whoever he or she is)

."... I am weary of this stay the course on the war stuff and how the Democrats are "The Party of Defeat", which sometimes they may be, but with Iraq that is not honest.

I was weary of the Iraq war from the get go, we are losing because it was an ill conceived, utopian act of idiocy; we are not losing because the Democrats aren't rallying hard enough around the flag. Wilsonian democracy crusades are crap, and the Repubs must renounce that crap. Yeah the surge may be working, but for how long and at what cost. We put out one fire in Iraq and another flares up. Nobody stops and looks at the big picture. Iraq is a nasty place and eventually is going to have a civil war that we can't stop....

"And as for the economy, I can't take another ******** lecture from Rush Limbaugh and Michael Medved about hard work and how America is the greatest country on earth, blah-blah, and how people who whine about the economy are all just leeches who have been brain washed with liberal victimology, who need to suck it up and work harder.

The Democrats are going to destroy the Repubs over this. Rush's buddies have systematically looted the American economy and cut down a lot of the ladders for upward mobility. Yes hard work and responsibility is key, but all that doesn't really matter when there are few to no good-paying jobs or opportunities anymore for a lot of people. In this regard of destroying Middle Class America, McCain is merely Bush part deux.

Nothing like looter class millionaires exhorting the peasantry to work harder."

And that's where we are at. Note what Peggy Noonan predicts, here.

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