Friday, January 11, 2008

The "Bradley Effect": Vote fraud, liars, or both....

It seems that the exact thing happened in the '08 New Hampshire Democratic primary that happened in the '04 Ohio Presidential Race.

In the first, the effect was possibly fear of race. In the second, the "National Security Question".

That 13% N.H. swing was enormous, BUT, do you hear the Demo's screaming Fraud?

Here are the choices, and feel free to add to the list or contest it:

13% of the voters lied. Or,

Young voters, for some reason, just didn't show up. Or,

The system (machines or reporting) were compromised (hacked or programmed to report falsely). Or,

An astounding 13% of the LIBERAL voters entered the Booth and decided (at the last minute, it the privacy of their hearts and heads) that they would rather see ANY white woman than a Black man win the LIBERAL nomination for President. This has been identified as "The Bradley Effect". Look it up.

The last choice would mean that everything the LIBERALS say they stand for was repudiated and replaced with latent and now realized racism.

What's your choice?

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