Friday, November 1, 2013

Founders Harvest Ale...

Founder’s Harvest Ale is my favorite beer, and by far the best light/mid-weight IPA I have ever had – better even than the legendary Pliny The Elder. Though it is slightly different every year, it is consistantly the best of all the wet-hop ales. This year, the ship was much smaller than last, but I was able to get a case of it. I will ration over the next two months. Most stores break the four-packs up and sell as singles, or offer them as promo for other, larger purchases. A lot of it is back-doored, consumed by store employees and never makes it to the retail floor. This year’s batch is a little less “grapefruity” and a little more subtle, with good grassy and flowery tones. My favorite beer. Unfortunately Founders doesn’t make enough of it.

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