Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Self-defeating class warfare - Kasich and the Unions...

I'm beginning to believe Kasich is just not very smart. Good chance we've traded in one loser for another.

Either that or he knows that his constituents just don't have the ability to understand his comments, so he can fire off without consequence.

Talk about self-defeating... At least pretend you give a rat's ***...

Lessee, trying to follow his "reasoning" here… How do taking away collective bargaining benefits of one group of workers benefit another, less fortunate group?

May be news to some of you, but organizing unions is a right, not privilege. Anybody can organize a union. THAT DOES NOT MEAN owner/operator/bosses/companies OR STATES have to enter into contract and accept bargaining with any union.

I wish I had collective bargaining, but just because I don't, does not mean I want to take that right away from someone who does. That’s the old, class-warfare, eat-the-rich mentality.

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