Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Global economic equality is coming... Woo-hoo.

Most people don't realize that the "equality" they dreamed of, have fought for and voted for, didn't end up being equality with your neighbors down the street and under the protections of a beneficent government and guarded by The Constitution, but equality with the Chinese worker, the Brazilian worker, and the Indian worker.

Guess what? Surprise! The Stones were wrong -- you don't get what you need, either...

Unfortunately, like illegal immigration, the people in whose best interest lies in keeping NAFTA afloat are the people who own our government and our representatives - both party's worth. And guess what? Both GWB and Barack are globalists, neither of them has your best interests at heart, the end result that our (the common US worker) boats don't rise, but continue to sink to meet the mean.

Our economy has gone global. Most available jobs will have no protection and become more menial with longer hours and lower pay. The horse has done left the barn.

This doesn't sound very libertarian of me, but the rich will continue to get richer and the poor, poorer, but on a global scale, which means that most of us may end up poorer than we ever imagined possible.

The math says it is too late for the US. If there is much of a pre-tribulation future left, and I do not believe there is, its history will say we were just a very short-sighted people who benefited over a short period of time from our short-lived empire.

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