Saturday, April 24, 2010

Legalizing Pot: Pointless...

Note this: People who grow pot in quantity for money now, don't want it legalized.

These are some predictions from “Hermit” -- if pot is legalized:

1. It will still be illegal to grow your own supply.

2. A lot of money and time will go into enforcing #1.

3. Government sanctioned dope will probably be pretty weak stuff, and everything stronger will still be illegal.

4. A lot of money and time will go into enforcing #3.

5. There is a slight chance that MJ will become a pharmaceutical, which may mean the only legal form will be some sort of marijuana pill, available by prescription only and closely monitored.

6. Whatever happens, the cost of dope will go up, and most of it will still be illegal, with all the associated crime that we have today.

So in other words, getting what you wish for may not be such a good thing.

Regulation and taxes would take quite a bite off the front end.

Those who do use, might want to realize that the Meig's Co Green portion of your budget will probably go up - not down.

Border violence may decrease on the Mexican side, but violence related to a very active black market here (regulations and taxes, remember...) would increase.

Cost of regulation and taxing will replace dollar for dollar the amounts spent on the pot part of "da War on Drugs". Those DEA agents just get another card and name tag.

Given all the above, there are still those who believe Guv'mint should regulate and tax this (another) product. In fact, many still believe Guv'mint has the right and responsibility to do so. No matter that it would increase the size of Guv'mint (Again, remember that the DEA would still be out there doing what they do. Meth and Oxy and H will still be running our trailer parks and hollers...), and cost the taxpayer even more money in bureaucracy and regulation than is gained through taxation.

The same way people relate the need for Guv'mint to nanny us through MJ legalization (no matter how pointless it is now), is the way they view almost everything else....

If you're going to do it, then legalize it ---- and then do the prudent thing... NOTHING.

And just an observation from a former (tobacco) user: anytime you inhale smoke of any kind from any source into your lungs, the long-term result is guaranteed to not be good.

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