Friday, January 15, 2010

Do Away With the OSHP...

Ohio State Highway Patrol Fraud. Again.

This will never fly, BUT… Do away with the OSHP.

We have no need for a state level law enforcement agency relegated to traffic enforcement; it is nothing more the revenue generating.

We have OBCI for investigations of a felonious nature. We have a solid force of County Sheriffs throughout the state to handle other types of criminal, and as officers of the courts; civil matters as well.

OSHP is a huge waste of state funds, relegated to cherry-picking remote stretches of road, baby-sitting accident scenes and practicing court-sponsored violations of Constitutional Rights.

Deactivate the entire OSHP, and give the tax money back to the counties. It can be spent on upgrading Sheriff Departments and maintaining roads.

In reality, the OSHP only exists as a revenue collection agency for the state with their obvious ticket quotas and close tie-ins with outside groups both actively encouraging and dependent upon the income generated through this culture of revenue.

Part of our court system and many of these interconnected agencies exist as part of this revenue stream. It's all part of the government bloat and waste that is Californiaizing Ohio.

Any Sheriff Deputy can take an accident report and often does.

Put the money and the responsibility back in the hands of real Peace Officers and do away with fake cops.

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