Friday, December 11, 2009

The 0-Man's Nobel speech...

I was fairly impressed with the speech. Thought it better written than delivered. It was clear that he was speaking to US voters and not the crowd of elites in the auditorium.

BUT, I think we should have either sent the original 80K troops that McChrystal wanted or get out.

Half ass jobs are what create MORE war, kill unprepared young men and bankrupt nations that THINK they are empires.

How many troops did the Russians orginally bring to Afghanistan? I think it was well over 100K and a lot more artillary. And they were willing to go further on every front.

The odds were with him. The 0-Man had a choice between Two Rights and One Wrong, and he chose the Wrong. Waffling as usual, and hoping on some random occurance to save his/our bacon? If so, Hope&Change ain't got much hope left in the skillet.

Bad, bad, very bad mistake.

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