Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The "My Favorite Band Sucks And I'm A Lemming" T-Shirt...

"My Favorite Band Sucks" or Crap Seeks It's Own Level.

It should be a T-Shirt. And I am convinced that the majority of you lemmings should be wearing it. Send me my money now.

If you listen to pop/country radio and worship at the feet of mega-record company made and marketed "stars" created in studios then you should be wearing that shirt.

Here's a test: go to the credits of your favorite "musician's" latest cd and check to see how many songs they "co-wrote".

Some of these "stars" never see the songs they supposedly wrote until time to rehearse for the recording.

It's a common practice for the publishing company for these created "stars" to buy songs outright - then list the "star" as the writer. An even more common practice is for the publisher for these "stars" to mine available pitched songs and then offer the real songwriter a conditional deal to get the song published: add the "star" as co-writer. Adding the "star" as co-writer often cuts the take of the publishing rights in half, effectively giving the real writer half what he or she deserves.

Most people listen to what the mainstream media and record companies provide -- although that is slowly getting better. In short, they listen to what they know, which is crap (most popular culture), and without "enlightenment" their taste stays at the level of crap. And, for some strange reason, people who will put up with JW's and Mormans calling at the door don't like it when you are honest about something as personal as their taste in music. It's like you called their baby butt-ugly.

You call 'em like you see 'em.

Your music is crap and your baby's butt-ugly.

One of those you can fix through the enlightenment of education.

Call me an elitist, I guess. Been called worse.

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