Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The BIGGEST Rip-Off. Goldman-Sachs and the fleecing of the Taxpayer....

The Bubble Machine - How to profit from disaster. Goldman-Sachs and the fleecing of the American Taxpayer....

This is a great audio interview from the program "Here and Now", on WBUR, Boston public radio

Goldman-Sachs has people throughout our government, and that enabled it, through Henry Paulson and others, to game the system.

They control both the Federal Reserve Bank System and our government oversight programs."Bubble%20Machine

Guess who owns the Chicago Climate Exchange, the firm that will be handling the majority of Trade Cap sales?

Thaaaaaat's right, folks. It's our good old buddy Goldman-Sachs. The people who rigged the rape, errrrr "Bailout".

Yessiree, G-S, the company that right now controls most of our nation's monetary policy, through their former employees that head up the FED and parts of government, and now they are in charge of selling our 21st Century INDULGENCES.

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