Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ohio -- Raising taxes in bad times....

The question is not "... why would you ever want to raise taxes during a time of prosperity?", but why would you spend the increased revenues from those more prosperous times so frivolously?

The fastest way to eliminate helpful state programs is to continue the course of making Ohio one of the least business-friendly states. Inacting a sales tax increase, especially one that increases taxes on business-to-business purchases, will result in another flood of jobs leaving Ohio (for states like Indiana, with much better tax climates), as well as businesses (as my employer has done) choosing to expand in other states rather than open in new markets in Ohio.

This welfare first/business last environment will result in more unemployment, more reliance on support-starved state programs, speeding our state toward that point where the critical mass of users overbalances producers, crashing what is left of our economy and bancrupting both State and taxpayers.

Our government, on all levels, and much like the people it "serves", will never learn to live with a budget that saves money during good times, so that the bad times will not be so bad.

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